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Ruty Ambalo, President of Global English

Ruty Ambalo holds a Masters Degree from

Cambridge University (UK) in Criminology and

a B.A. (Hons.) from Leeds University (UK) in

Sociology .

Spanning over twenty years experience in the

US and UK, Ruty has a wealth of business

knowledge working in the fashion industry,

retail, real estate and insurance.


About us

Global English President, Ruty Ambalo, has trained senior executives from Coca

Cola (Israel), Bank Leumi, Discount Bank, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Osem, Israeli

Stock Exchange, Clalit, Ronit Raphael, Shikun ve Binui (Solel Boneh), as well

professionals in key Israeli government positions.

She has coached English to undergraduates at the College of Management, Rishon

Le Zion, and the IDC in Herzliya and has given lectures in Business English to

undergraduates at Derby University, Or Yehudah.

Leveraging her business acumen and natural entrepreneurial abilities, Ruty Ambalo

has conceptualized and implemented successful marketing and public relations

tools for Israeli professionals and executives


Corporate Training in English Presentation Skills

Highly Interactive Business and Marketing Programs


Developing key business English presentations

Email techniques; optimizing English communication

Presenting information clearly, concisely, persuasively

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Dear Ruty,

Thanks to you!

Your feedback and guidance were excellent and helped a great deal in this presentation both in terms of the content and in terms of the pronunciation and delivery

of the presentation by Didier.

Didier was just great today! as you said, he was calm and confident , he was clear and concise, he pronounced the key words properly and was coherent and

definitely impressive.

Yes, there was a line of people that waited to talk with him after his presentation and I can tell you that I sat almost in the last row in order to see if the audience

can hear well and how the presentation looks from the end of the auditorium - it was just perfect.

People were impressed.

I thank you for your help - I knew that you are the right person for this task and I have no doubt in my mind that we will collaborate in many more projects.

All the best,

Caty Pearl

MarCom Consultants

רותי היקרה,

בזכותך,תודה רבה !!

הפידבק שלך וההדרכה היו מעולים וסייעו רבות לפרזנטציה גם בתוכן וגם באופן ההצגה של דידייר .

דידייר היה מעולה היום. כפי שאמרת הוא היה רגוע ועם ביטחון ,ברור ומדויק ובטא נכון את מילות המפתח והציג באופן שוטף ומרשים.

כן, היתה שורה ארוכה של משתתפים שחיכו לשוחח עמו לאחר הפרזנטציה ואני ישבתי בשורות האחרונות כדי לקבל תמונה טובה מקצה האולם ושמעו טוב והיה פשוט 


תודה על עזרתך ידעתי שאת האדם הנכון למשימה ואין לי ספק שנשתף פעולה בעוד פרויקטים בעתיד

Caty Pearl

MarCom Consultants